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Three more reasons to help me end GOP control of the House.

And, seriously, I did NOT make these up!


For years, Republicans have insisted that they would not end Medicare as we know it and that any changes to the program would not affect those in or near retirement. In the span of 20 minutes Thursday, they jettisoned both promises.

Mitt Romney – with his 15 percent tax rate, offshore tax havens, and history of outsourcing jobs -- is a perfect fit … for Republicans in Congress. Read more.

A year to the day since Ohio’s John Boehner and 87 eager freshmen took Washington by storm, House Republicans are bruised from battle, irritated with each other and have lost trust in their leadership.

The president whose agenda they came to Washington to stop is vowing to spend the year scoring political points against Republicans now, and they don’t have much leverage against him.

Now, they’re trying to figure out how to revamp their agenda to find much needed political and policy victories in advance of the November election.


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