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Romney 15, America 0

Mitt Romney – with his 15 percent tax rate, offshore tax havens, and history of outsourcing jobs -- is a perfect fit … for Republicans in Congress. Romney refuses to release his tax returns, but he did reveal he only pays the 15 percent rate.  House Republicans, meanwhile, spent much of the fall and winter opposing the year-long payroll tax cut for the middle class in order to protect people like Romney from having to pay higher taxes. They deserve each other.

But you?  You deserve better.

There’s no question that Romney, worth an estimated $240 million, should release his tax returns from previous years.  What’s he got to hide?  Could it be the bank accounts in the Cayman Islands that ABC News reports are tax shelters?

More importantly, though, is Romney’s tax rate. It’s a symbol of the divide between the 1 percent and the 99 percent.  We’ve got work to do in this country to rebuild the middle class, fix our schools and crumbling infrastructure, and prepare our workforce to be the best global competitors around.  We can’t achieve those goals without a fairer tax policy.

The New York Times said it well: “Mr. Romney has… has reminded Americans of the fundamental unfairness of the current tax code and of how determined Mr. Romney and his party are to keep it that way.”

Republicans in the House and Mitt Romney oppose any tax increase on the wealthiest Americans and want to cut spending on Social Security and Medicare instead.  That’s wrong. 

A strong America starts with a strong middle class.  Romney should release his tax returns, and House Republicans should stop opposing our plan to pay for the payroll tax cut with a surtax on people who make more than a million dollars a year.

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