Miller Fights for Social Security

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George Miller and dozens of seniors gathered in Richmond, CA on Thursday, August 12th to vow to protect Social Security from Republican plans to privatize it and cut its benefits, and they celebrated Social Security's 75th anniversary.  Read about it in the Contra Costa Times.  

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MitchG wrote 3 weeks 6 days ago

Social security is an

Social security is an important factor of having a good established relationship with one another.We should fight for what is right because not every one is given the chance to do it.Some of us isn't brave enough that's why we jut wallowed ourselves with disppointments and fears.That is the real scenario of the society nowadays.Even in the financial status of the country,we are in deep crisis.Just imagine the auto loans of certain companies.How do you deal with it?The proof is here: Auto loan delinquency rates on the decline, says TransUnionNews like this and the reduction of credit card payment late payments is the kind of good news TransUnion should be happy to proliferate.

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