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Two Different Planets

Speaker John Boehner said yesterday that he gets along with the President but they’re not on the same wavelength.

"Sometimes the conservations we have, it's like two different people from two different planets," he said.

I couldn’t agree more.  The question is, what planet does the Speaker, and his radical allies, live on. 

With unemployment high and wages low, Americans are deeply frustrated that Tea Party Republicans are blocking every effort to create more jobs.

In fact, the Speaker is setting us up for more misery, ruling out tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans or on oil and gas companies that get billions from taxpayers despite record profits.  Instead, he said the $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction Congress is considering now must come only from spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

We tried that.  Remember?  The Bush tax cuts, two wars, and the Medicare drug program – all paid for with nothing but debt during a Republican Administrationa and a Republican Congress.  Add to that years of letting Wall Street run amok.


Despite Americans being poorer now than any time since 1993, and wages declining while essential costs rise, the Speaker offers aid and comfort to the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else!


“Two different planets.”  He’s right.  The problem is that Americans desperate for a job and a middle class wage live right here, on this planet.


Help me fight back.  Make a contribution right now to help bring Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans down to Earth.