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Sending American Jobs Overseas

This morning, the House is debating a Republican bill to strip away the workplace rights of America's workers, paving the way for more outsourcing of American jobs.  I am leading the opposition to this bill in Congress.  If you are interested, you can follow the debate on C-Span online, or on TV.
The bill would change the law that has governed workplace rules for more than 70 years to say that if an employer subcontracts out work or switches production facilities specifically in retaliation against workers for exercising their collective bargaining rights or attempting to form a union, the employer would not be penalized and the workers would have no recourse.
Under the National Labor relations Act, employers can move work to another location for all kinds of reasons.  But one reason they cannot move work is to retaliate against workers exercising their rights.  That is illegal.
The Republican bill would take away the remedy that is provided for under today's law.  Today, the National Labor Relations Board can order an employer to restore the work to the original worksite.  Under this bill that remedy is taken away.
This is just the latest example the outrageous Tea Party Republican attack on America’s workers, the middle class, and collective bargaining -- in Washington, D.C., in Wisconsin and across the country.
Instead of working to create jobs they are trying to send American jobs overseas, cut Americans' wages, and further weaken the middle class.
I hope you can follow the debate this morning and in the months to come, let me know what you think about it. --
America cannot afford Tea Part Republicans any longer.