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Repeal Your Health care?

“I think we should repeal every word of Obamacare.”
-- Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, on the Senate floor, 9/25/13

Really?  Words like these?
Insurance companies may not deny coverage to children who have so-called pre-existing conditions, like asthma?
Insurance companies may not deny coverage to adults with so-called pre-existing conditions, like pregnancy?
Insurance companies may not place lifetime caps on health insurance coverage?
Small businesses are eligible for tax credits to help pay for their employees’ health care?
Young adults up to age 26 may stay on their parents’ insurance plans?
Starting October 1st, for the first time, the uninsured can sign up for private insurance that is affordable?
These are the words Sen. Cruz and his Tea Party Republican allies believe are so important to repeal that they would rather shut down the government and default on our national debt, with all the economic harm that would cause, rather than allow these consumer protections and benefits to take full effect.
Really? I don’t think so. Donate now to stop the Tea Party from taking away your rights.