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El Cerrito to Montana?

It’s hard to believe, but the road to a Democratic Majority in the House might run from El Cerrito through... Montana!  

Kim Gillan, born and raised in El Cerrito, is the Democratic candidate for Congress in Montana. She's fighting for the middle class.  And she needs our help. 

Her father, Henry Gillan, was born in Richmond, CA.  He married Kim’s mother, Florence, and they moved to El Cerrito. They lived on Lexington Street and then Liberty.  Kim attended St. Jerome’s Catholic school and then El Cerrito High.

Henry served on the El Cerrito City Council and as mayor and ran a union painting business. Kim’s parents were lifelong Democrats and union members. And Kim worked summers in college for United Grocers in Richmond as a Teamster.  

Fast forward a few years and Kim is now minority whip in the Montana State Senate and ready to kick up some dust by winning a House seat against a Tea Party Republican – with our help.

There’s a big difference, of course, between Montana and the East Bay, but one of those differences is to Kim's advantage.  TV time is a lot cheaper in Billings than in Oakland. But, she needs our help to get her great ads on TV.

We can win Montana.  The hotly contested U.S. senate race is exciting voters.  And Kim’s doing a great job reaching out to people about the need to fight for women's rights, for the middle class, better schools, and a clean environment. A recent poll has her within 2 points.

We have critical races in California, of course, and across the country that need our help, but this race important and winnable too.  Can you spare $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or more to help put the East Bay on the map in Montana and a fighter for us in the House? You’ll be doing our country a favor. Thanks for your help.