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Attack is Back

The Attack is Back

From Washington, D.C. to Wisconsin and beyond, Republicans are using their anti-deficit rhetoric to launch a massive and serious attack on the rights of middle class workers. It's not only some GOP governors trying to strip collective bargaining rights but also the "new" GOP in the House misusing real concerns over deficits and debt in the temporary budget passed last week to wage a national campaign to take away the security of middle class workers, and not just public sector workers.  Attacking safe workplace protections for all workers, curtailing the rights of all workers to appeal collective bargaining abuses, and reducing wages of private sector workers on federal contracts. Their real goal is to take power away from middle class workers and give it back to special interests that are funding GOP elections and unregulated anti-Democratic TV ads.  

The reckless Republican budget cuts passed last week made it crystal clear.  The GOP Congress has re-launched its extreme ideological attack.  Public TV and radio – gone. Planned Parenthood – gone.  Clean air and water – gone. Head Start -- gone.  Basic protections for workers -- gone.  While their budget would inflict real pain on low- and middle income Americans still injured from the recession, including seniors, veterans, women, and students of all ages, everyone agrees it won’t do a thing to reduce the serious issue of long-term debt. 

Making matters worse, their temporary budget will hurt the economy.  The deep, short-term budget cuts passed by the House, according to a Goldman Sachs analyst yesterday, would reduce economic growth by 1.5 to 2 percent.  GOP campaigned on jobs to take over the House last November but since then haven't offered one jobs bill.  Not one.  First they voted to increase the deficit by repealing health care, and now to reduce economic growth.  Nice work!  We can reduce long-term deficits while also investing in our education and our economy, and that's what we ought to be doing now.

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